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How to host a Project Life Party

I really love Project Life. It just makes sense to me. For those of you who have read this blog since the beginning you know I started it as an editor at Creating Keepsakes Magazine. So scrapbooking has been a part of my life for a long time. But in recent years I have sort of let my photos get the best of me, meaning, I wasn’t printing them or getting them into albums.  They were sitting on my hard drive where no one could see them.  I want my children to see them. I want them to know that I think that their lives are important enough to keep record of them. So, I began using Project Life from Becky Higgins. It’s easy to use, its really fast,  and I really like how the pages turn out and I feel no pressure for them to be perfect.

This post isn’t so much about how I use Project Life (I’ll do a post on that later); it’s about how I threw a party to introduce my friends to it.

There is a strong bond here in San Antonio between bloggers. They are really good about having fun meet-ups and sharing tips that have helped their own blogging.  They have really made me feel like I was a part of the community. The other day at a gathering, several people mentioned that they had heard of Project Life, but didn’t really understand it so I thought it would be really fun to have a party where everyone would bring their printed photographs from summer and start a Project Life album. I asked Becky, who created Project Life, if she would be interested in sponsoring it and she kindly offered to give everyone an album, kit, and pages.  On top of that, Persnickety Prints offered everyone 15 dollars in free prints to bring with them. I know that isn’t going to work for most people but don’t let that stop you from gathering your friends together! Just have them pick up a kit and bring it with them!

I decided that since it was a Project Life party I would do all the decor with Project Life materials. I used one core kit, the Sunshine edition designed by  Elsie and Emma, and one pack of 12×12 paper. That is it! Here is what we did:

We created a backdrop for the food by using a roll of black paper and hand painting the words “Project Life” in gold. My mom has amazing handwriting so she helped out with this, but if my mom wasn’t in town, another option would have been to print and cut something instead. Then, we made pinwheels out of the 12×12 paper in different sizes and hot glued them on. It turned out really beautifully and just took a night of folding them in front of the t.v.

Here is what it looked like:


Here it is with the food. Sarah from Frankly Entertaining made all the food for us! I’m so glad I have a friend who cooks!


IMG_3626 IMG_3637 IMG_3651

We made the long flags out of the 12×12 paper. I just cut them into 1/2 inch strips and then we bent them to look like they were waving in the wind. The paper is really thick so it holds its shape well. Then we just hot glued them to wooden skewers.

For the area of the party where we were going to work on the albums themselves we made a banner out of Project Life cards. Pennant/bunting  banners are so popular right now and you could create something cuter or easier than this! We use 5-3×4 cards stitched on a sewing machine with roughly two inches of stitching in between. Then, we would add a bigger 4×6 card and repeat the pattern. As you will see below it added a lot of color and fun to the decor and I didn’t even use half of the box. If you didn’t have a sewing machine you could easily staple or tape the cards to some bakers twine instead.

IMG_3727 IMG_3718 IMG_3757 IMG_3709 IMG_3743

Next I set up everyone’s album, kit, and pages with a name tag we made out of the fold-able journal cards from Project Life.


We had a diverse group of bloggers from food, to mom, to design bloggers.  Some were familiar with Project Life but most were brand new to it. It was really fun getting to spend the night together, creating pages about our summers, and catching up with everyone. Colleen even created her very first scrapbook page!

IMG_3770 IMG_3767 IMG_3764 IMG_3773 IMG_3768

It was so much fun I highly recommend it! To end the night I handed out little Project Life favors that I made with…you guessed it… Project Life paper!  Thank you to Colleen, Haeley, Amy, Kim,(my parents have a letterpress stationary company! Check it out), Sarah and Amanda for coming! Check out their blogs!





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